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In Bucharest erotic massage services are very popular. Many people apply for this type of services to solve the lack of tenderness and eroticism.

Usually people have a wrong impression, thinking that this service involves sexual contact, but in reality both the masseuse and the client are prohibited from offering, receiving and demand comprehensive sexual services. Before embarking on this kind of services you should know that you will not get sex but you get privacy, relaxation, erotic massage and completions techniques that do not include sex.

When you arrive at a massage parlor you will be greeted by beautiful masseuses dressed in sexy gowns, dresses, lingerie or swimwear.

You have to choose the masseuse that you most like by attitude, physics, smile, each one of you according to personal criteria. Then, once chosen the masseuse you should decide on the type of massage you want.

You can choose between Swedish massage, Thai massage, relaxation massage, sports massage, hot stone massage, massage in whirlpool, four hands massage, couples massage, swing, erotic massage or lingam massage. Besides all this, according to your fantasies and available masseuses, they can meet up your fantasies of domination verbal or physical and other fetish. After choosing the desired masseuse in the room she will give up her clothes and she will remain nude, all nude she will execute all types of massage above mentioned. If you do not want nudity please specify this.

Erotic massage and lingam massage are types of massage made by a masseuse with her whole body. The breasts, bottom, thighs, legs, hands, with feet flat on the customer’s genital area.

On the site you can see the ladies available every time with a photo gallery with real pictures, a few words of description, age, experience, services and massage techniques performed by each one. All you have to do is choose the desired combination.

Our massage salons provides professional, high quality services since 2000. Among our clients there are politicians, businessmen, tourists and local people with above average incomes, all of whom agree that we are a five-star brand.

All masseuses are qualified for therapeutic and relaxation massages, are lawfully employed and own medical tests to date. Besides legality and safety we have made sure that each of the 30 girls to be beautiful but in a different way so that each of the clients retrieve ideal masseuse.

The lounges are decorated in oriental style, each room represents a a different area, each one is handmade by an interior designer. The colors, the music, the details,the materials are carefully chosen to create a state of relaxation. Everything is sanitized after each client so that you can relax without a care. Each parlor of the three that we have is centrally located in Bucharest, in elegant villas with own parking, air conditioning and approvals from state institutions.

If you want to benefit from relaxing or erotic massage in the comfort of your home or in your hotel room, you can choose desired masseuse from the gallery, make an appointment and the chosen masseuse will reach you within 30 minutes or at the appointed time . When it has reached the masseuse will have a badge and the invoice and of course the goods needed for massage. All you have to do, if you want, is to open a champagne bottle, choose some beautiful music and take a shower. Showering you can also do when the girls is arrived, together with it.

If you have not experienced before an erotic massage or a relaxing massage performed by a beautiful nude masseuse, if you want to see another joy of life we recommend you to visit our salons and to schedule a meeting.

Will be more than massage. It will be a unique experience, an adventure!

Great Sex Techniques That Will Grant Her Heavy Sexual Arousal and Orgasm Easily!

My friend, do not depress when you are facing this problem, your girl has lost her interest in you. She does not crave for sex anymore, not like both of you were just started dating. You cant feel the excitement and arousal in her eye during sex. She never seem to enjoy your manhood and hardly orgasm on the bed now. This is sad…. However let me tell you something, there are a lot of guys facing the same problem as you, including me. I faced this problem few years back and it tortured me every day and night.

What is the reason of this problem exist. I cant tell you exactly because there are actually too many factors that involved. However, one of the most significant cause of it is that couple are losing their “early stage sex magic” due to lack of new sex techniques. What does this mean? Well, when you are just started to have sex, both of you are excited over what will happen next on bed, however after some time, when everything is the same and being repeated numerously, both of you will lose the interest in having sex, especially female who are more sensitive to sexual tension and sexual sensation. Moreover, if you only have 1 or 2 sex techniques to deal with your sexual activities, the sexual fire will fade off and you may even hate to have sex because it lets you feel like a machine….

So, i am going to reveal a few of the greatest sex techniques that you can use at night on the bed.They are awesome and steamy and will definitely heat up the temperature in your bed room!

Let me share these great sex techniques to you which will bring erotic and sensation sexual arousal to your girl:

Sex technique 1) Improved and fine tuned missionary position:

i believe that you know what is missionary position. Now, change from normal style, you let her spread her leg wide open, either resting on your chest or hanging freely in the air, she is lying on the bed. You should knee down in between her widely opened legs and give her the thrust that will eventually make her drop into heavy orgasm.

First, you should start to thrust slowly and stimulate her interest by giving her some rub and caress on her breast and other sensitive body parts, let her feel the sexual tension and excitement. If her reaction is good, gradually increase the thrust speed and give her deeper penetration. Play with her clitoris if necessary. Kiss her when you are in action, the pressure you put on her when you lean forward will grant you a deeper penetration and give her more sexual arousal!

Sex technique 2) Leap Frog sex position:

You can define it as a modification of doggy style sex positions. As we all know, doggy style is quite famous among guys as it gives them the most “instinct” feeling of having sex. Moreover, it give deep penetration which helps to create more sexual arousal for both parties. Leap frog sex position is similar to doggy style but the girl is kneeling down on the bed with her hand bending down. It does not provides ver deep penetration but it is more keen by girl because they may scare of the pain due to deep penetration. Moreover, you can choose to have her leg open or close, both have different sexual sensation. Closed leg will provide more friction when thrusting hence greater feeling, while girl may feel opening leg not so tiring.

Sex technique 3) Cow Girl sex position:

This is the favorite position obsessed by female and it will be the easiest sex technique that allow you to effortlessly make her climax. It is due to the reason that she is the one who controls the whole thrusting. As you can imagine, the cow girl position means that she is riding on you either facing you or your toe (reverse cow girl). She will help you to put your erect penis into herself and she will control the speed, depth and strength of thrusting.

Moreover, she may unconsciously feel that she is dominating over you which will grant her more powerful sexual pleasure. On the other hand, you can add on to this sex technique by fondling her breast if she is facing you, or stimulating her clitoris if she is facing your toe.

You can see that above sex techniques are so simple yet great. If you never try them before, you should check them out tonight on your bed! By doing them correctly and naturally, you will definitely drive your girl into sexual craziness tonight!

However, if you are seriously interested in discovering the secrets to better sex you really need to step out of your comfort zone now. With repeating and limited sex techniques [], you are not going to have a great sex.

So, I think you should check out this website: Best Sex Techniques [] that provided quite some useful information and guide about sex techniques and best sex positions. Personally, I think the info obtained there are fantastic, my sex life is definitely more wonderful now.

Go ahead and make some changes, he/she is waiting for a hot sex tonight!

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Sex Techniques That Will Not Only Make Her High But Also Build Up Better Sexual Relationship

If a couple is not enjoying their sex experiences, they obviously need some new sex techniques to get things better.

No wonder that when anyone does it in the same way again and again, he will get bored eventually. New positions and sex techniques will make the lovemaking much more enjoyable. One can try some of the new sex techniques presented here if he didn’t try them before.

One should not hurt his partner while lovemaking. He has to be very sensitive to her feelings and her needs. The girl also needs to reach her climax during the lovemaking as the guy does. So, lets take a look at a few of the best sex techniques/sex positions that can create more sexual sensation in the bed room:

Best Sex Position 1 – Enhanced Missionary:
Missionary style is one of the most common sex techniques among the couples who have sex regularly. This position can be enhanced a bit to make it more enjoyable. Doing sex in this style needs the girl to be under and the guy over her, similar to the regular missionary style. However, the girl will not bend her knee and keep her feet on the bed this time. In this style she will open her legs as wide as possible and stretch them while doing sex. Her legs will move during the penetration making her waist move in rhythm. It will result in more sensation during lovemaking.

Best Sex Position 2 – Lying Face Down:
Doing sex in this style needs the girl to lie down on her front. She has to raise her hips a bit. Her legs will not be open. Then the guy has to get on the girl’s back and penetrate. The lifted waist of the girl assists for deeper penetration. Guys with strong features are going to love this position because the closed legs apply pressure on the penis while penetrating and provide great sensation.

Best Sex Position 3 – Doggy style:
Doggy style is one of greatest positions that always guarantee satisfaction for both partners especially for the guy. The guy can go deeper into his girl using this sex technique. It is a very natural position for the species in earth. Most of the animals use this position during their intercourse. In this position the guy does most of the hard work. The girl should help him by moving her butt in rhythm so that he does not get tired during sex.

The couples must learn and apply these new sex techniques presented here to make their intercourse more fascinating. Safe and hot sex practices are always encouraged to continue having a great sex life.

However, if you are seriously interested in discovering the secrets to better sex you really need to step out of your comfort zone now. With repeating and limited sex techniques [], you are not going to have a great sex.

So, I think you should check out this website: Best Sex Techniques [] that provided quite some useful information and guide about sex techniques and best sex positions. Personally, I think the info obtained there are fantastic, my sex life is definitely more wonderful now.

Go ahead and make some changes, he/she is waiting for a hot sex tonight!

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Sex Techniques That She Cannot Resist and Always Crave for More on the Bed!

You sex experiences will eventually turn out as dull and boring if you use the same sex techniques every time. Try new sex techniques to add some sensation to your sex experience. Sex becomes great with variations of positions and sex techniques. Follow the tips and techniques presented here.

Remember that your girl is a human being, not a sex doll. She needs to be treated very gently. It is very important to give her orgasm during the sex to make the experience enjoyable to both of you.
Some of the best sex positions and sex techniques are presented here. Learn and apply them to improve the quality of your lovemaking.

Best Sex Position 1 – Enhanced Missionary:
Every person who had sex knows about missionary style. Now it is time to learn about an extended version of this position. Lay your girl on her back and get yourself over her like the regular missionary style. However, rather than the regular position, her legs will be fully opened and straight up in the air. You have to let her legs dance around you while you are penetrating continuously. This will move her hip simultaneously, causing more excitement in each thrust.

Best Sex Position 2 – Lying Face Down:
Have your girl laid on her front with her butt facing you. Let her move her butt up a little with her legs closed. Get on her back and go into her from behind. Adjust her butt to make the penetration easy for you. The extra pressure applied on your penis from the closed legs will increase friction between the organs during sex and provide great satisfaction. You are going to love this position if you have not yet had sex in this position.

Best Sex Position 3 – Doggy style:
Maybe you have seen the dogs or cows or horses doing it. It is very natural for most of the species in the globe. For humans, this position permits very deep penetration of the male organ which can make your girl scream. You can tell your girl to move her hip front and back according to the rhythm of your thrusts. It will make the lovemaking more fascinating for both of you and you will get less tired.

Next time, do not hesitate to apply these new sex techniques when having sex. Always keep your sex safe and have a good sex life.

However, if you are seriously interested in discovering the secrets to better sex you really need to step out of your comfort zone now. With repeating and limited sex techniques [], you are not going to have a great sex.

So, I think you should check out this website: Best Sex Techniques [] that provided quite some useful information and guide about sex techniques and best sex positions. Personally, I think the info obtained there are fantastic, my sex life is definitely more wonderful now.

Go ahead and make some changes, he/she is waiting for a hot sex tonight!

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The Problem With Sex Education

Sex Education

Sex education or sexuality education is the process of acquiring information and forming attitudes and beliefs about sex, sexual identity, relationships and intimacy. It is also a term used to describe education about human sexual anatomy, sexual reproduction, sexual intercourse, reproductive health, emotional relations and other aspects of human sexual behavior. It is generally accepted that young people have a right to be educated about sex. This is because while growing up, they may be exposed to a wide range of attitudes and beliefs in relation to sex and sexuality. Some of the information available to these young people may sometimes be contradictory and confusing. The media for one may promote the idea that being sexually active makes one mature and confident. And on the other hand, some health messages always hammer on the adverse effects of having sex such as contracting a sexually transmitted infection, unwanted pregnancies etc. These differing opinions may lead to confusion amongst the populace. Sex education should therefore entail finding out what young people know about sex, adding to their existing knowledge and correcting any misinformation they may have.

People get information about sex from different sources. It could be through the media, from friends, parents, schools and health institutions. It has formed part of the curricula in schools across the world. It is said to be formal or informal depending on its source. When the source is from a parent, friend, religious leader, from a casual conversation, or through the media, it is said to be informal. When offered by schools or health care providers it is referred to as formal.

Aims of Sex Education

The basic aim of sex education is to reduce the risks of the negative outcomes from risky sexual behavior. It is a means through which the youths learn and adopt the right attitudes towards sex. It aims to inform people about the dangers of risky sexual behaviors which may lead to unwanted teenage pregnancies, contraction of a sexually transmitted infection such as HIV among other complications. It helps the youth to have a positive mindset about sex and their sexuality. It helps to improve relationships between young people. It also empowers the youth against sexual abuses.

When Should Sex Education Begin?

Although it is generally accepted that young people have a right to learn about sex, it remains a controversial issue in several countries particularly with regards to the age at which children should start receiving such education. At what age would children be able to understand the concepts taught during sex education? Should it be delayed until people are sexually active before they are exposed to it? Or should it be taught to children in order for them to use the information later in life when they might really need it? When taught at an early age does it encourage young people to have sex? People are concerned that providing information about sex and sexuality arouses curiosity and can lead to sexual experimentation. Contrary to that, studies have shown that sexuality education did not increase sexual activity. It either reduced sexual activity, or increased rates of condom use. it should therefore be provided to young people before the age of puberty, and upwards before they establish their patterns of behavior. The precise age should depend on the physical, emotional and intellectual developments of the young people as well as their level of information.

The Curriculum of Sex Education

The issue of the amount of information that should be given to young people during sex education is still very controversial. Its content most times differs in schools across countries. Different people have their opinion and beliefs about sex, and this usually influences their willingness to accept sex education on the basis of the fact that what is taught might contradict their moral inclinations. For example, the Roman Catholic Church is strongly against the use of any form of artificial contraceptives. On the subject of sex education, Pope John Paul II in his Apostolic Exhortation titled Familiaris consortio, enjoined parents “to give their children a clear and delicate education” and that “if ideologies opposed to Christian faith are taught in schools, the family must join with other families and help the children not to depart from the faith.”

In India, attempts by state governments to introduce sex education as a compulsory part of school curriculum have often been met with harsh criticism by people who claim it is against Indian culture and would mislead children. In England and Wales, it is not compulsory in schools as parents can refuse to let their children take part in the lessons. In some countries, parents must give their consent before their children may attend such classes. These variations in different regions are believed to have arisen due to the lingering controversy over the curriculum of sex education.

A range of topics are usually treated in sex education lessons depending on the laws of the region. Some of these include:
The male and female reproductive system
Physical and emotional changes of adolescence
Growing up process
Dangers of sexual violence
Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
Safe sex/use of condoms
Resisting peer pressure
Sexual abuse
Sex positions
Teenage pregnancies: among others.

Some people feel that sex education curricula breakdown pre-existing notions of modesty and encourage acceptance of practices that are immoral. Many religions teach that sex outside of marriage is immoral, and adherents prefer the abstinence-only sex education. For this reason, homosexual, bisexual, transgender youth, and those with other sexual orientations or practices which are considered immoral are often ignored in sex education classes. There is even lack of discussion about safer sex practices for manual, oral and anal sex with regards to the risks involved. Such practices are becoming more rampant among youths and many indulge in such acts believing that they are risk-free. The neglect of such delicate issues can end up causing harm to individuals affected. Sex education should therefore apply a non-judgmental approach in tackling such sensitive issues about sex. People providing sex education have attitudes and beliefs of their own about sex and sexuality but it is important that they do not let these influence negatively the sex education that they provide.

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How to Have Great, Passionate Sex For A Lifetime

Most People Want Sex But Have Rotten Sex Lives

Most people love sex. And why not? Sex is the greatest thing we can do for fun that’s free. Best of all, when you have sex with someone you love, it not only feels good physically, but it makes a contribution to true happiness and fulfillment. Almost everyone dreams of having love combined with sex as a big part of their life.

Yet all too many people have rotten sex lives. The dream for many of us is to fall in love, get married, and have passionate sex for a lifetime. For all too many people, though, sex falls off precipitously when the honeymoon is over. Once kids come into the picture many couples’ sex life all but disappears. But even for couples who don’t have kids, including gay couples, all too often, passionate sex has a short shelf life.

Sex falls off precipitously for many people after the age of 50. And even during the earlier years, research indicates that over 50% of married couples are not satisfied with their sex lives. A high percentage of women fake orgasm and their partners don’t even know. By the age of 60, only 25% of women receive oral sex from men, which is the technique most likely to result in female orgasm.

Is there any hope for the sex lives of partnered couples? The good news is that at rates higher than ever, (at least one in three) people over the age of 60 are having vibrant, satisfying sex lives.

Would you like to improve that percentage? Are you a baby boomer who is heading into the final third and would like to make these days filled with sexual sunshine? Are you younger and want to do everything you can to make sure that the flame burns eternal?

Yes it is true. You can have passionate sex for a lifetime. It’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s free!

So what’s the secret? The secret is love. Just about everyone wants love, but who thinks about giving it? If you can keep your intention, your focus, and your actions on giving love, you can have great sex with one person for a lifetime. The big question is, what does it mean to give love?


Everybody wants someone who is dependable, who shows up, who can be trusted, and does what they say. A dangerous relationship can be very hot for a while, but eventually a relationship with someone who doesn’t make you feel safe gets ugly. And it gets boring for all your friends who have to listen to you complain about a bad relationship you don’t get out of. When our bodies believe that they are in danger, the last thing they want to do is open, surrender, and let go.


The most important part of giving love is cultivating authentic connection. Authentic connection comes from caring contact and communication. Be open, honest, and considerate in communication. Listen, understand, and empathize. This doesn’t mean that sexy relationships are without conflict. A relationship without conflict has no heat! It is about real engagement with basic respect for your partner. If you have a conflict, let the guiding motivation be to respond, repair, and resolve rather than react and attack.


Take care of your temple, otherwise known as your body. That’s the part of you that has sex after all. Eat well, get off substances, exercise. If you want to want to have sex, if you want all the parts to work, and if you want to turn on your partner – especially as you are visited by the ravages of time – you better take care of yourself.

One part of that temple is your brain. That needs to be worked on also if you want to have good sex. Live a full, interesting life. If you’re boring, your sex will be, too.


If you want to be turned on, you’ve got to turn yourself on. If you want to turn on your partner, you’ve got to be turned on by them. Find your partner’s beauty. Savor them. Let yourself feel how incredible it is that you get to look at, smell, touch, and taste a naked human body. Celebrate what you love about your partner. Instead of focusing on your negative judgments, think about what is great about your spouse. Tell your lover what you adore about them.


Have sex be first about what you give, second about what you share, and third about what you get. Attune yourself to your partner’s pleasure. By focusing on their responsiveness, you can bring them to the ultimate heights of pleasure. If you do that, your partner will want to have sex with you till you die.


Learn about your own body’s responsiveness. Pay attention to what feels good to you. As Sister Wendy said, why would god give you a toy and not want you to play with it? If you can figure out what feels good, you can find it with your partner. All too many people spend too much sex time worrying how they look, worrying what the other person is thinking, evaluating what is going on. Get out of your head and into your senses.

Be Passionate

Passion is the ability to put all of yourself into what you are doing with utter abandon. It is being able to jump off the cliff with no parachute and fully enjoy the ride down. Breathe, smile, look into your partners eyes. Express yourself completely. Let yourself show all of your heart.


Have sex. Have as much sex as you can get. You and your partner will be dead soon, and unless you believe in reincarnation or some kinky heaven, this is going to be your one chance in all of eternity to get it on. There’s always an excuse not to have sex. If you need an excuse to have it, how about this one: you’re going to be old and then dead very soon. Research shows that the more we practice something, the better we get. Try new stuff and keep doing it till you get it right. Be willing to learn from your partner. Ask your partner for directions and feedback, and don’t get all sensitive if they ask for something different.


Sex is always the same, always different. Be in the moment. Be creative. Follow your impulse. Do it hard, soft, up, down, in, out. Follow your partner’s rhythm. Expand your concept of sex. If you want to keep it interesting for a lifetime, you better be willing to try new spices.

Why do people who love each other stop having sex?

Why does sex often wane after the honeymoon? In the beginning of a relationship nature conspires to bring two people together. There is an amazing charge and excitement hooking up with someone new. Though there is usually also fear and anxiety, the turn on of a new body and being around someone who seems to really like you is stronger than the fear. Though you generally feel that you could easily be hurt, there really isn’t all that much at stake in the very beginning. But soon, if you spend enough good time together and you’re having hot sex, something happens. You attach. You begin to bond with the person. Now you are really in trouble. Now if something happens to break you apart you will feel really bad. This is a mortal threat. There’s nothing like a mortal threat to get rid of a hard-on.

How to Have Great Sex for a Lifetime
So love can be scary. Your partner has laid the carpet of their dreams beneath your feet. Tread carefully, because you tread on their dreams.

-Be good to each other every day.
-And give each other pleasure. Life is hard enough.

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